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Pirate Week Begins - Kittitians invade Nevis

Published on Thu, 10/29/2009 - 09:18

In an effort to promote Tourism in the off-season, the Nevis Hotels,  and the Nevis Tourism Authority  have launched the islands first “Pirate Week” under the guidance of Jim Johnson, local pirate expert and owner of event got off to a great start with an invasion of  boats from St Kitts bringing a  motley crew of about a hundred Kittitians dressed up as swash buckling invaders.  Much to the invaders surprise, they were met at the Oualie Beach Resort’s dock by a resolute band of Nevisian defenders equally attired in Pirate garb and armed with fencing foils  and  water balloons! After a brief battle, honour was declared satisfied and the Nevisian Pirates welcomed their Kittitian brethren to a beach BBQ with ample libations!The festivities continue all week long and details of the various events may be sourced at Oualie Beach Resort  is offering special pirate week room rate discounts for participants (see 

Nevisian defenders ready to repel Kittitian pirates

Some of the Nevis defenders ready to repel the invaders.

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